A person who chooses foods based on their micronutrient content.
nutritarianism n.
Example Citations:
There are flexitarians, who eat a little bit of meat, and pescatarians, who skip meat but consume seafood. Raw foodists don't believe in cooking. And now come the nutritarians. Central to nutritarianism is the understanding that fruits and vegetables contain thousands of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals — substances they believe are not found in any other food source.
—Douglas Brown, "Nutrition ambitions: " Nutritarian" diet is easy; just try to eat a rainbow:," The Denver Post, June 7, 2010
Linda Sellers, a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator at St. Anthony's Hospital in St. Petersburg, says vegetarian or vegan (no animal products, including eggs and dairy) diets similar to Fuhrman's "are generally nutritional, and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases." That includes lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of diabetes and cancer. (Fuhrman has coined the term "nutritarian," since his "life plan" does allow some animal products.)
—Judy Stark, " 'Eat to Live' author Joel Fuhrman speaking in Clearwater on Sunday:," St. Petersburg Times, February 27, 2010
Earliest Citation:
Wow! Looks like a heard [sic] of ravenous nutritarians stampeded through all the grub.
—Gerald Pugliese, " Blogging about Beaver Brook:," Disease Proof, January 14, 2008
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"nutrivarien" pourrait-être la traduction française, on a pas encore aperçu ce terme heureusement !
Good word thanks !

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